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We offer an extensive range of hatches for both personal and cargo. Our hatches are fabricated to order using carbon steel, aluminum or stainless steel components based on your specifications. These materials can be used flexibly for different components on your hatch. Hardware options include both dogs and drop bolts with spring balancing available. Hatches can be ordered in virtually any size and configuration. Quick acting and ullage hatches are available. All of our watertight hatches are engineered to ABS/USCG Standards.

Raised Watertight with Drop Bolts Square
Raised Watertight with Dogs Square
Raised Watertight - Quick Action with Spring Square
Raised Watertight-Quick Action Oval

Flush Watertight-Quick Action Oval
Flush Watertight-Quick Action Square
Raised Watertight with Drop Bolt Round
Raised Watertight with Drop Bolts and Spring Assist

Oval Hatch with Dropbolts
Watertight Hatch with Dogs
Oil Cargo
Watertight Flush

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Flush Watertight with Dogs - Oval
Hull Side Hatch with Drop Bolts
Raised Watertight with Dogs and Spring-Square or Rectangular
Raised Watertight-Quick Action with Spring-Oval

Raised Watertight with Dogs-Flush Cover-Oval
Flush Watertight with dogs and Spring-Square or Rectangular
Raised Watertight with Drop Bolt-Ullage-Round
Flush Watertight-Quick Action with Spring

Raised Watertight with dogs-Flush Cover-Square or Rectangular
Flush Watertight Hatch with Bottom Operated Individual Dogs
Flush Quick Acting Oval Watertight Hatch with Spring
Raised Watertight Hatch with Spring and Flush Cover

Raised Watertight Hatch w/ Drop Bolts w/ Louvers & Bird Screen
Raised Hatch w/ Flush Cover & Flush Hinge w/ Spring
Raised Quick Acting Watertight Hatch
Raised Watertight Hatch w/ Flush Cover

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