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Vending Solutions

Turner Supply offers vending programs tailored to fit your unique needs and applications. With the latest technology in vending, dispensing and inventory management solutions, we find you the right fit to drive efficiency and productivity.
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Vending Solutions

Finding You the Right Technology For Your Business Needs

  • Innovative Software Solutions
  • Helix Coil Vending Machines
  • Electronically Controlled Locker Systems
  • RFID and Weigh-Scale Technology to Issue and Track Products Throughout Your Plant
  • Carousel-Style Vending to Store Up to 560 Unique SKUs Per Machine
  • Vidmar/Lista Cabinets to Secure SKUs and Track Usage
  • Bar Code Scanning/Replenishment, Independent of Your Choice of Vending Options
  • Customized Modular Solutions
  • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification)
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Increase Efficiency

Cut costs by controlling and decreasing consumption, and virtually eliminating stock-outs.

  • User and Department Level Control
  • Reduce Errors and Waste: Dispense Exactly What's Needed at the Right Amount
  • Real-Time Inventory Counts
  • Tracked Usage Rates to Optimize Reordering
  • Reduce Overhead With Automated Replenishment
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Documented Cost Savings

The Numbers Add Up: See How Vending With Turner Supply Improves Your Bottom Line

  • Robust Reporting
  • Customized Programs
  • Implementation Without Up-Front Investment
  • Budget Control and Spend Visibility
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Beware of the supplier who offers you a free lunch. 

Many companies offer a free vending machine without a solution or savings. At Turner, we look first at your business needs and then recommend the technology that will drive your bottom line. Delivering the right vending support to cut your costs and drive your business.

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