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Vendor Managed Inventory

Turner Supply's vendor managed inventory programs are customized programs designed to improve efficiencies, save time and money by automating replenishment.
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Turner Supply's proprietary software and mobile apps reduce labor costs, eliminate stockouts and downtime while lowering inventory, decreasing investment and allowing you to focus on your core competency in manufacturing. Integrity in control: Turner Supply will not switch product brands without customer authorization or overstock your shelves. 

Reduce Labor Costs – Eliminate Stockouts and Downtime – Lower Inventory 

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Reduce Number of Suppliers

  • Paperwork Reduction
  • Consolidated Billings
  • Lower Transaction Cost
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Lower Inventory Investment

  • Reduce Your Inventory Levels
  • Inventory Optimization
  • Product Standardization
  • Using Turner Supply's Extensive Inventory
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Interested in Our Programs?

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Improve Productivity

  • Automate Manual Processes
  • Inventory Managed at Point-of-Use
  • Electronic Transfer of Information
  • High Level of Technical Support
  • Improve Inventory Accuracy
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Value-Added Services

  • Documented Cost Savings
  • System Generated Reports
  • Shop Floor Problem-Solving
  • In-Plant Seminars and Surveys
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Customized Solutions

Unique programs for your specific needs. Examples of some solutions are as followed:

  • Total Stock Replenishment Program
  • Bar Code Replenishment/ Vending Solutions
  • Agreed Upon Minimums and Maximums For Ordering
  • Customized Just In Time (JIT) Inventory
  • Negotiated Contract Pricing
  • Satellite Cribs or Line Side Delivery as Needed
  • Custom Reporting by Department, Employee, Project, Cost Center, or Any Defined Metric
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