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Turner Supply has been a proud partner of A.W. Chesterton Company for many years to provide our customers with award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions. Turner Supply has trained extensively with Chesterton to help our customers take full advantage of these products, solutions, and expertise.

Chesterton is a world leader in helping process industry companies and manufacturers improve the reliability and efficiency of their rotating, stationary, and fluid power equipment platforms. Chesterton is known across a wide range of industries for our award-winning pump and valve sealing solutions, applications expertise, equipment maintenance and wear-prevention products, and knowledgeable hands-on local service. Turner represents and provides all products and services associated with Chesterton and has an excellent reputation in the industry. Our field application specialists are trained in solving customer problems by providing Fluid Sealing solutions to improve MTBR while providing substantial cost savings.


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  • Commercial Water
  • Food & Beverage
  • Manufacturing
  • Marine
  • Mineral/Ore Processing
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  • Oil & Gas
  • OEM, Engineers, and Contractors
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Power - Fossil
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  • Pulp - Paper
  • Steel
  • Wastewater Treatment
  • Wood-Based Panel Industry


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Turner offers innovative, award-winning mechanical seals for pumps, agitators, mixers, and other rotating equipment simplify installation, improve reliability, and extend the performance of fluid handling.

  • Cartridge Seals: Cartridge Seals have been designed to be rugged performers in sealing applications across industry segments. They are proven performers for plant-wide standardization providing maximum reliability.

  • High Performance Cassette Seals:  Standard options of factory or field rebuilds are easy to execute and economical. But with complete sealing cassettes available at attractive prices, it becomes possible to perform rapid re-sealing with no additional administration relating to rebuilding.

  • Split Seals:  Why disassemble the equipment? Chesterton's Split Mechanical Seals offer a reliable sealing solution-reducing maintenance costs.

  • Gas Seals:  Plants are no longer faced with conventional single and dual liquid cartridge seal performance limitations. That's because there's a new standard method of shaft sealing. Reach your plant reliability goals with the addition of simple gas seal technology.

  • Bellows Seals:  Balanced nesting ripple rotary metal bellows seals for general service in the petrochemical and chemical industry.

  • Slurry Seals:  Unique non-clog design for maximum shaft motion without hang-up, flush-free service for a wide range of slurries, cool running advanced technology monolithic faces.

  • Mixer Seals:  Motion tolerant and instant pressure shift capability eliminates worries under jarring purge and reverse pressure cycles. Vibration isolated faces thrive under conditions of drag and shear that destroy common seals.

  • Component Seals:  Fits all DIN, ISO, ANSI and other popular pumps, no shaft sleeve wear, Self-aligning capability, All wearing parts, seal faces, O-rings, screws and springs are replaceable at low cost.

  • Specialty Seals:  Specialty seal designs are specifically designed for specific equipment or those hard-to-seal applications in various industries. They incorporate many Chesterton design features to deliver the improved sealing performance levels desired.

  • Support Systems:  Products designed to improve seal performance levels by enhancing the environment in which they operate. Chesterton offers seal support tanks, Flowmeters, Environmental controllers and other assorted products to help meet MTBR goals.

  • Bearing Protection:  Break the cycle of downtime caused by lip seal related failures. GBS Face Seals seal out virtually all external sources of contamination for maximum protection against bearing failure.


With continuous research and state-of-the-art advancement, Chesterton can offer a full-line of packing and gasketing technology that delivers the highest performing sealing systems for a wide range of applications. Our packings and gaskets offer maximum reliability and low leakage rates for maximum impact.

  • Flange Sealing: Chesterton offers a complete range of flange sealing materials that provide excellent sealability and superior reliability.

  • Multi-Purpose: Multipurpose packings offer an economical standardization solution for both rotating equipment and valve sealing.

  • Valve Sealing: Chesterton packings for general and high performance valve sealing offer excellent sealability and superior reliability across a wide range of applications.

  • Rotating Equipment Sealing:  Chesterton offers mechanical packings for a variety of equipment including but not limited to pumps, mixers, blowers, fans etc., performing under a wide range of operating conditions.

  • Specialty Equipment: Packing solutions developed to meet the specific requirements of equipment applications.

  • Tools:  Chesterton offers a range of accessories that support the installation and removal of packings and gaskets.


High-performance polymer seals  designed for use in a broad range of hydraulic, pneumatic, and rotating equipment. Polymeric solutions range from a wide range of standardized polymeric seals to custom solutions designed for specific applications to offer optimal value.

  • Hydraulic/Pneumatic Seals: High performance wipers, rod seals, piston seals and ancillary devices designed for use in various hydraulic and pneumatic industrial applications.
  • Rotary Seals: High performance rotary seals designed for use in various applications, including bearing and gearbox protection.  

  • Spring Energized Seals: Spring energized polmeric seals designed to solve today's most difficult sealing challenges.  

  • Custom Seals:  Custom engineered  polymer seals for the most demanding applications.  

  • Service Programs: Unique programs developed to address specific end user needs.


Chesterton's ARC coating provides superior performance against erosion, corrosion, abrasion, and chemical attack. Industry faces adverse environmental conditions that attack components and structures and result in compromised plant reliability and safety and lost profits. When cementitious or metallic surfaces are subject to aggressive industrial application environments you can rely on Chesterton's 100% solids, low VOC protective linings.  

  • Concrete Composite Systems: ARC Concrete Composite Systems (CCS) repair, rebuild and protect all concrete structures from abrasive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.
  • Metal Composite Systems: ARC Metal Composite Systems (MCS) repair, rebuild and protect all types of industrial process equipment and structures from abrasive, corrosive and chemically aggressive environments.


From high-performance industrial lubricants that clean debris as they protect equipment to efficient cleaners that reduce maintenance time, Chesterton offers a full range of products to improve maintenance reliability, reduce costs, and extend equipment life.

  • Greases and Lubricants:  Chesterton industrial lubricant solutions are engineered to reduce operational costs by extending equipment life and improving plant efficiency. These high-performance industrial greases, oils, pastes, and compounds are designed to provide corrosion protection, deliver energy savings, and reduce lubricant usage.

  • Cleaners and Degreasers:  Chesterton industrial cleaners and degreasers provide a broad range of technologies to cover the most demanding application requirements. These products include water-based acid and alkali, solvent based, and specialty electrical cleaners. These products have been engineered to improve the efficiency, performance, and productivity of the cleaning process in both maintenance and production operations.

  • Corrosion Control:  Products engineered to provide short- and long-term protection of plant equipment. Available in thin- and thick-film, corrosion-preventing compounds. Selection includes products that provide long-term but removable corrosion protection. These are ideal for parts in shipment and storage.
    • Easy to use
    • Minimum surface preparation
    • Cost-effective protection of critical metal components
  • Maintenance Specialties: Chesterton's family of industrial MRO chemicals are engineered to support primary maintenance functions to increase overall plant reliability. These high-performance maintenance technologies:
    • Reduce non-value added, repetitive maintenance
    • Protect the environment by lowering the volume of chemicals used
    • Save labor by reducing time for mechanical maintenance operations
    • Maintain uptime through increased equipment reliability

  • Metal Working Fluids: Chesterton metalworking fluids are designed to minimize friction in the metal removal process, lowering heat generation and tool wear, while improving productivity and part quality. Chesterton produces a range of metalworking fluids for drilling, tapping, and cutting, including products for single use and recirculating applications. There are two types of fluids: petroleum and synthetic water-based fluids. The water-based synthetics offer additional benefits of biodegradability and non-smoking, and are inherently safer in use.

  • Application Systems: Chesterton offers a range of accessory equipment to support the efficient use of our products. These include:
    • Novosprayer II refillable container for water and solvent based cleaners that are pressurized with compressed air.
    • Lubri-Cup Automatic Lubricant Dispensers are designed to deliver a precise amount of industrial grease or oil. They eliminate the primary cause of premature bearing failure: over and under greasing.

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